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Fairtrade Ice Latte Macchiato


ICE Latte Macchiato is a milk drink with coffee that is made from natural and organically produced ingredients. The coffee and sugar used in the product are Fairtrade. The unique packaging, CartoCan®, is recycled paper packaging.

Löfbergs ICE Latte Macchiato has a mild taste of coffee and is ideal to enjoy whenever you want to have a cool and refreshing drink.

Löfbergs iced coffee can be stored at room temperature but tastes better well chilled. Shake the container well before serving.

The caffeine content of a can Löfbergs ICE is equivalent to about half a cup of coffee.

Shelf life: 8 months

Storage: Store at room temperature or refrigerator. We recommend that you drink it chilled or with ice.

Packaging: Cartocan®, an environmentally friendly, patented packaging – recycled as paper packaging.


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