S04 Angelica Capsule Machine Silver/Black

Silver BlackThe New Angelica coffee capsule machine from Caffitaly is packed full of user friendly features. Quick and easy to use it guarantees the minimum of mess and fuss – just delicious coffee at the push of a button. This fun machine can change colour to fit in with it's environment by simply changing the drip More Info »
Price: £129.99


Fairtrade Coffee Capsule Package

Boxs of 10 and logoFairtrade coffee capsule package includes;   10 Bright Green Espresso Capsules; A modern espresso that balances intense sweetness with a subtle tartness. The beans are Fairtrade labeled beans selected from Brazil, a refreshing set of beans from Ethiopia and a spicy fruitiness from Indonesia. 10 White Rainbow Filter Capsules; A classic filter coffee with a More Info »
Price: £7.40

Coffee Capsules

Tea Tasting Package

Tea-Tasting-PackageTea Tasting packaged includes; KOBBS Earl Grey Tea 10 Capsules; Black tea flavoured with classic bergamot. KOBBS Himlagott Tea 10 Capsules; Black tea with heavenly taste from quince, peach and cream. KOBBS Citron and Lime Tea 10 Capsules; Black tea with a happy taste of lemon and lime. How to prepare your Tea capsule; http://youtu.be/j0omzfY6YnY
Price: £8.10

Chocolate & Tea

Löfbergs Espresso Shot

Lofbergs Lila Espresso CupIf you enjoy good quality espresso shots but do not want to go to your local coffee shop to have a barrista to make it for you, why not make it at home yourself? With our Caffitaly Capsule machines it is so easy to create and you really do get the perfect result every time! Recipe; 1 More Info »

Capsule Creations

Decalcifier Cleaning Solution (250ml)

decalcio-fronteDe-scale your coffee machine if you want your favourite coffee or beverage to be at its best. We we recommend you clean your machine using this Caffitaly’s de-scaling solution. Ready to use, pour a sufficient quantity of solution into the water tank and follow the cleaning instructions in your Capsule machine manual.
Price: £6.75


Display Box Offer

Display Box and 80 capsulesCapsules Display Box. This sophisticated accessory is a fantastic way of storing 18 capsules. Each box is fitted with a capsule menu explaining the following capsules; Blue Storm, Black Intense, Pinkt Tornaddo, Golden Festival and Orange Peak Capsules Included: 20 Pink Tornado Espresso, 10 Blue Storm Espresso, 10 Himlagott Tea, 10 Earl Grey Tea, 10 More Info »
Price: £49.45£24.95

Gift Packages

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