Fairtrade Ice Espresso + Milk

ICE ESPRESSOICE Espresso + Milk is a milk beverage with coffee that is made from natural and organically produced ingredients. The coffee and sugar included in the product are Fairtrade. The unique packaging, CartoCan®, is a recycled paper packaging. Löfbergs ICE Espresso has a mild taste of espresso and perfect to enjoy whenever you want to More Info »
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Ice Drinks

Passionata Compostable Capsules

10667_Lofbergs-Passionata_tri jpegAn espresso with mild and at the same time strong flavours of dried fruit and notes of chocolate. The coffee is organic.   100% bio-compostable Nespresso® compatible capsules

Nespresso Compatible Capsules

Organic Espresso FT/O

Organic_Espresso capsuleEnjoy the taste of our smooth and well balanced organic espresso with a fruity aroma. 16 capsules in each box and 6 boxes in each tray. How to prepare with your S04 Caffitly capsule machine; Espresso; http://youtu.be/p_DXc1_oXYA Long Black coffee/Lungo/Americano; http://youtu.be/T_p7ZqnceiA

Coffee Capsules

Decalcifier Cleaning Solution (250ml)

decalcio-fronteDe-scale your coffee machine if you want your favourite coffee or beverage to be at its best. We we recommend you clean your machine using this Caffitaly’s de-scaling solution. Ready to use, pour a sufficient quantity of solution into the water tank and follow the cleaning instructions in your Capsule machine manual.
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