S04 Angelica Capsule Machine Silver/Black

Silver BlackThe New Angelica coffee capsule machine from Caffitaly is packed full of user friendly features. Quick and easy to use it guarantees the minimum of mess and fuss – just delicious coffee at the push of a button. This fun machine can change colour to fit in with it's environment by simply changing the drip More Info »
Price: £129.99


Organic Fairtrade Medium Roast Filter Coffee

Organic-Medium-RoastA Faritrade and organic certified coffee with a medium body, a touch of light acidity and a great long lasting finish. How to prepare with your S04 Caffitly capsule machine; Espresso; http://youtu.be/p_DXc1_oXYA Long Black coffee/Lungo/Americano; http://youtu.be/T_p7ZqnceiA How to prepare with your S03 Dualit capsule machine; Espresso; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UereZWiTdhk Long Black coffee/Lungo/Americano; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vay5AKjQR-M  
Price: £33.60

Coffee Capsules

Cloetta Original Hot Chocolate

19817_cloetta_original_drickchoklad_6Cloetta hot chocolate with a smooth milk chocolate taste. How to prepare your Hot Chocolate capsule with a; S03 Dualit Capsule machine: http://youtu.be/L2NEV6u6lRM S04 Caffitaly Capsule machine: http://youtu.be/ylOXDW4rAjE

Chocolate & Tea

Decalcifier Cleaning Solution (250ml)

decalcio-fronteDe-scale your coffee machine if you want your favourite coffee or beverage to be at its best. We we recommend you clean your machine using this Caffitaly’s de-scaling solution. Ready to use, pour a sufficient quantity of solution into the water tank and follow the cleaning instructions in your Capsule machine manual.
Price: £6.75


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